Late-Breaking Abstracts

The 6th Asian and Oceanian Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Congress Late-Breaking Abstract Submission is now open.

To submit a Late-Breaking Abstract for the 6th Asian and Oceanian Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Congress in Hangzhou, please click the button below. The deadline for 2019 abstract submissions is January 4, 11:59 pm (CDT). Late submissions will not be accepted. Late-Breaking Abstracts notification e-mails will be sent February 2019.

Submit Late-Breaking Abstract

Late-Breaking Abstracts will be considered for presentation and publication at the 6th AOPMC if they fulfill the following criteria:

  • The topic must be of critical importance to the clinical/scientific community and/or the public.
  • The abstract must be report data that became available for public dissemination only after the deadline of the regular abstract submission (October 15, 2018), and has not been previously published or presented.
  • The study and results reported should be novel (not simply an extension of previously published work) or be definitive of confirming or refuting other critically important work.
  • The following categories are typically suited to the main poster sessions and will not be considered for Late-Breaking Abstracts: case reports, qualitative surveys, reviews of existing treatments, practice reviews, rating scale validation, small confirmatory studies, small scale epidemiology studies, research proposals.
  • The Late-Breaking Abstract program is not designed to favor investigators who inadvertently missed the deadline for regular abstract submission.


Abstract Submission Format

Please read the following section before submitting your abstract for review. To view examples of MDS abstracts, please visit the MDS Abstracts webpage. The sole means of abstract submission is through the online submission system.

Please limit the total abstract text to 2,500 characters (including spaces). The size limit for the abstract includes characters and spaces in the Abstract Title and Abstract Body. Please refrain from using special characters within the abstract text.

  • Abstracts should adhere to the following format:
  • Objective 
  • Background  
  • Methods 
  • Results  
  • Conclusions 
  • References

You will be asked to list the name and e-mail for each co-author, however, all communications and notifications regarding abstract submissions will be sent only to the submitting author.

The use of standard abbreviations is desirable. A special or unusual abbreviation should be placed in parentheses after the first appearance of the full word for which it stands. Non-proprietary (generic) drug names should be used and should be written without capital letters in all instances.

If you are including tables or figures within your abstract, you must enter the appropriate ID tag in the abstract body where you would like your tables and/or figures to appear. Tags must be entered as shown - [table1] for your first table; [table2] for your second table; [figure1] for your first figure; [figure2] for your second figure. You may upload the tables within the abstract submission website.


Attendance is Required

Accepted abstract presenters must be in attendance at the 6th AOPMC Congress in Hangzhou to present their poster(s), and should plan to attend from April 12 – 14, 2019, in its entirety as poster presentation dates are subject to change.

Presenting authors must pre-register for the 6th AOPMC Congress by March 12, 2019 and pay applicable registration fees. There is no registration discount for accepted abstract authors.

It is not mandatory that the first author be pre-registered and present; the presenter may be any of the contributing authors or a colleague.

Registration for the 6th AOPMC Congress will open November 5, 2018.

Please do not submit an abstract unless you are prepared to travel to the AOPMC Congress April 12 – 14, 2019 to present your research.

Changes to Abstract

Changes After Abstract Has Been Submitted Are Strongly Discouraged! If critical changes need to be made to your abstract content after it has been submitted, please request those changes by email to

Please note: Only minor (yet critical) change requests will be made to your submitted abstract. Multiple change requests may not be accepted, and your abstract could be withdrawn. Drastic changes to abstract data will not be accepted.


The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society invites all MDS Members and non-members to submit an abstract for review for the APOMC Congress. Please note the following criteria:

  • There is no fee to submit an abstract
  • All abstract submissions must be original research
  • All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English
  • Abstracts that have been presented at other meetings may be submitted if they have not been published and if the meeting name and date are cited accordingly
  • If your abstract is accepted, you must be prepared to travel to the AOPMC to present your abstract as a printed poster on the assigned date


MDS only accepts original work. By submitting your abstract, you affirm that your abstract is your own, either individually or of a group.  Should plagiarism be detected, the abstract will be rejected.


All accepted abstracts are presented as a printed poster and will be presented according to their category grouping schedule.

If your abstract is accepted, you (or a registered co-author or colleague) are required to:

  • Travel to the 6th AOPMC Congress, April 12-14, 2019 in Hangzhou to present your abstract
  • Present your poster according to the scheduled presentation date/time
  • Abstract presentation dates/times are subject to change; it is advisable to plan to attend the AOPMC Congress in its entirety from April 12-14, 2019
  • Abstract presentations are scheduled by category; individual presentation date change requests will not be granted

All accepted Late-Breaking Abstracts will be published on the 6th AOPMC website as a downloadable PDF.

Withdrawing a Submitted or Accepted Abstract

If an abstract must be withdrawn for any reason, please contact as soon as possible. There is no penalty to withdraw your abstract, however if your withdrawal request is received after the abstracts have been sent for publication, it cannot be withdrawn and will remain a part of the 2019 MDS published abstracts. All submitted abstracts become the property of MDS.


Terms & Conditions

MDS expects that all abstracts selected for presentation will be presented as a printed poster and that no submitted abstracts will be withdrawn. Please do not submit an abstract if you are not prepared to travel to the 6th AOPMC Congress and present your abstract as scheduled by MDS.

Accepted abstract presenters should plan to attend the 6th AOPMC Congress April 12-14, 2019, in its entirety as poster presentation dates are subject to change.

MDS only accepts original work. By submitting your abstract, you affirm that your abstract is your own, either individually or of the group. Should plagiarism be detected, the abstract will be rejected.

All abstracts accepted for presentation may be published in an electronic supplement to the Movement Disorders Journal, in the online edition.

All submitted abstracts become the property of MDS.


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