AOPMC Mascot Contest

The MDS Asian and Oceanian Section (MDS-AOS), along with the 2021 AOPMC Oversight Committee, decided to develop a mascot to be used in conjunction with the AOPMC. The intention was to give the AOPMC a character and personality to make it easier to create a physical and emotional connection with delegates, especially as the meeting will be virtual this year.  

Upon collection of all mascot submissions submitted by MDS-AOS Members, the AOPMC Executive Committee selected the top three entries, and the winner was announced at the Opening Ceremony on Friday, June 4, 2021.  

The MDS-AOS thanks all participants for their submissions. 


2021 AOPMC Mascot Winner


Submitted by Sasivimol Virameteekul (Bangkok)

This cute and cuddly, globe-like mascot is named MACOP the MD; an anagram of the word AOPMC. It is completely unique and represent MDS organization which is, moreover, pay special attention to all Asian and Oceanian section. A custom character simply made to match the original logo for MDS-AOS, is much more noticeable and memorable than words. I used the line of brain cortex above its head to relate it back to the logo, however it was modified as the stethoscope to symbolize our challenge as physicians and healthcare professionals to balance the use of technology in the care of patients with giving them the attention they need so that we can build a bond with them and help improve their sense of well-being. 


Other Mascot Finalists

Cedar the Dog

The mascot depicts Cedar, the Australian cattle dog / corgi mix that belongs to a member of the MDS staff. She is welcomed, and often requested, by the MDS-AOS leadership as a friendly face on MDS teleconferences. The mascot is sitting in the traditional “Dog of Foo” pose, a popular symbol of guardianship and protection seen outside of homes and business across Eastern Asia and the Pacific. The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society’s mission embodies these same symbols as they serve as a guardian of scientific knowledge in the field of movement disorders, and through the MDS support of clinicians, researchers, and other health professionals with their ultimate purpose of protecting and favorably affecting the care of their patients. June 4-6, 2021 will be the 7th AOPMC, represented here by the 7 stripes on the scarf. 

Adventure Team

The design of these mascots is based on Adventure character with powers to improve the world so by analogy Parkinson’s disease. The figure is equipped with all necessary gadgets to achieve this goal, ranging from ‘Dopamine laser beam’, wearables, and on-off PD diary. The symbols for AOPMC 2021 and MDS-AOS are included in the figures for symbolizing these mascots to this event hosted by MDS-AOS.  

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